Restaurant services



Each day starts with a culinary delicacy …

with bread fresh from the oven and crisp rolls, delicious coffee or tea, home-made jams, marmalades “à la grandma” and hearty Black Forest specialities.

The renovation of our restaurant has been finished in March 2005. We now welcome you in rooms of light and pleasant colours and hope you´ll have an unforgettable stay with us.

Wherever you´re sitting – you´ll always have a wonderful panoramic view of our beautiful landscape as far as the impressive Mount Feldberg, snow-covered till the end of spring.

The rich Black Forest breakfast buffet has already been prepared: at our inviting restaurant counter you´ll find various juices, fruit, muesli, fresh rolls, different kinds of bread, lots of marmalades and regional specialities like Black Forest honey, ham and sausages, cheese and milk products - we´ll meet your expectations!

For lunch and dinner we always offer you fresh salads at our salad bar – rich in vitamines. We also invite you to taste our delicious home-made salad dressing! A sinful adventure: our home-made tarts and gateaus … Our most famous speciality is the typical Black Forest cherry gateau as well as our cheesecake with caramelised almonds.

A paradise in summer:

our idyllic sun terrace inmidst of plants and flowers: Here you´ll find your peace of mind ! We´ll do everything to make you happy !

Our restaurant - Have a look !

Enjoy to be cared for: You have every right to do so.
Our kitchen staff with Markus and Rosemarie Schwormstädt do their very best. Regional and South German specialities like “Swabian Maultaschen” (pasta filled with meat) or hare saddle fillet with sour cherry sauce are waiting for you. In spring we offer you our delicious asparagus, in autumn finest venison delicacies.

And with it …
A quarter ( or even a little bit more ) of our famous South German wines from carefully cultivated regional vineyards. Or taste a freshly drawn, cold beer from GANTER brewery, Freiburg. In the afternoons, after your hiking tour, we invite you to enjoy a hearty Black Forest “Vesper”, our tarts and gateaus or a tasty sundae.